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Northern Irish Legislation

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Registrar not authorized to grant licences for marriages in churches, &c. of Church of Ireland, or between Presbyterians in certified meeting houses.

23. Any person, upon the payment of [the prescribed fee], may enter a caveat
with the registrar against the grant of a certificate or a licence for the
marriage of any person named therein; and if any caveat be entered with the
registrar, such caveat being duly signed by or on behalf of the person who
enters the same, together with his or her place of residence, and the ground
of objection on which his or her caveat is founded, no certificate or licence
shall issue or be granted until the registrar shall have examined into the
matter of the caveat, and is satisfied that it ought not to obstruct the grant
of the certificate or licence for the said marriage, or until the caveat be
withdrawn by the party who entered the same; provided that in cases of doubt
it shall be lawful for the registrar to refer the matter of any such caveat to
the registrar general, who shall decide upon the same; provided likewise, that
in case of the registrar refusing the grant of the certificate or licence the
person applying for the same shall have a right to appeal to the registrar
general, who shall thereupon either confirm the refusal or direct the grant of
the certificate or licence.

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