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Northern Irish Legislation

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Registrar's certificate to be delivered to the person by or before whom the marriage is solemnized.

28. If at any time subsequent to the registry of any such building for
solemnizing marriages therein it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction
of the registrar general that such building has been disused for the public
religious worship of the congregation on whose behalf it was registered as
aforesaid, the registrar general shall cause the registry thereof to be
cancelled; provided that if it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the
registrar general that the same congregation use instead thereof some other
such building for the purpose of public religious worship, the registrar
general may substitute and register such new place of worship instead of the
disused building, although such new place of worship may not have been used
for that purpose during one year then next preceding; and every application
for cancelling the registry of any such building, or for such substitution and
registry of a substituted building, shall be made to the registrar general by
or through the registrar of the district; and such cancelling or substitution
when made, shall be made known by the registrar general to the registrar, who
shall enter the fact and the date thereof in the book provided for the
registry of such buildings, and shall certify and publish such cancelling or
substitution and registry in manner herein-before provided in the case of the
original registry of the disused building; and for every such substitution the
registrar shall receive from the party requiring the substitution [the
prescribed fee]; and after such cancelling or substitution shall have been
made by the registrar general it shall not be lawful to solemnize any marriage
in such disused building, unless the same shall be again registered in the
manner herein-before provided.

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