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Northern Irish Legislation

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Certified copies of registers of marriages to be sent to registrar every quarter.

66. The registrar shall forthwith register every marriage solemnized in manner
aforesaid in his presence, either in a registered building or in his office,
in a marriage register book to be furnished to him for that purpose from time
to time by the registrar general, according to the form in schedule (G); and
every entry of such marriage shall be signed by the registrar, and also by the
parties married and attested by two witnesses; and every such entry shall be
made in order from the beginning to the end of the book; and the registrar
shall keep the said marriage register books with the records of his office,
and shall, in the months of April, July, October, and January respectively,
make, on one of the forms to be furnished to him as aforesaid by the registrar
general, a true copy, certified by him as aforesaid, in the form of schedule
(F) annexed to this Act, of all the entries of marriages in the register book
kept by him since the last certificate, ... and if there shall have been no
marriage entered therein since the last certificate shall certify the fact
under his hand.

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