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Northern Irish Legislation

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Clergymen, &c. may ask parties to be married the particulars required to be registered.

76. Provided always, that no person charged with the duty of registering any
marriage, who shall discover any error to have been committed in the form or
substance of any such entry, either by himself or any predecessor in his
office, shall be therefore liable to any of the penalties aforesaid if within
one calendar month next after the discovery of such error, in the presence of
the parties married, or, in the case of the death or absence of such parties,
then in the presence of the registrar and of two other credible witnesses, who
shall respectively attest the same, he shall correct the erroneous entry,
according to the truth of the case, by entry in the margin, without any
alteration of the original entry, and shall sign the marginal entry, and add
thereunto the day of the month and year when such correction shall be made,
and shall make the like marginal entry, attested in like manner, in the
duplicate marriage register book to be made by him as aforesaid, and in every
case shall make the like alteration in the certified copy of the register book
to be made by him as aforesaid, or, in case such certified copy shall have
been already made, he shall make and deliver in like manner a separate
certified copy of the original erroneous entry, and of the marginal correction
therein made.

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