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Northern Irish Legislation

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Where one of the parties shall be resident in Scotland, a certificate of the banns having been published in the congregation of which the party is a member shall be obtained from the minister, and shall authorize the grant of a licence under 1844 c.81.

2. In the case of a marriage intended to be solemnized in Ireland between
parties one of whom shall be resident in Scotland, it shall be lawful for such
party to obtain from the minister of the congregation in Scotland of which he
or she shall be a member for at least one calendar month preceding a
certificate under his hand that banns of such intended marriage of such
parties have been duly published or proclaimed in such congregation on three
several Sundays; and from and after the expiration of seven days from the
granting of such certificate the production of such certificate to the person
duly authorized in Ireland under the provisions of the said first-recited Act
to grant a licence for marriage in such case shall be as valid and effectual
to all intents and purposes for authorizing such person to grant a licence for
marriage, and such certificate shall be as valid and effectual for all other
purposes under the provisions of the said recited Act, as any certificate of a
registrar of a district in Ireland would be under the said Act if such party
giving such notice were resident within such district in Ireland, and the
other party to such intended marriage also were resident within another
registrar's district in Ireland.

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