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Family Courts Information Pilot

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Family Courts Information Pilot Survey

The Government is committed to improving the public's confidence in the family justice system and considers transparency and accountability of family courts to be highly important.

The objective of the Family Courts Information Pilot is to provide more information to people involved in family proceedings and to make more information available to the wider public.

The Ministry of Justice has arranged with the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) that some types of decisions made in the participating family courts will be made anonymous and published on the BAILII website for viewing by the public.

The publication of anonymous decisions online is intended to help the public understand what the family courts do. Decisions are made anonymous so that the families and children involved in the proceedings are not identified.

Please tell us how useful you found the information contained in the court decisions. This will help the Ministry of Justice to evaluate the pilot and to make informed decisions about the routine publication of court decisions in family proceedings.

If you have completed this questionnaire previously, there is no need to do so again, unless you have additional feedback to leave.

Your feedback will be treated in confidence and will not be published.

Evaluation Questions:

Are you: A member of the public
A social worker
A legal advisor to social workers
A solicitor or barrister
A journalist
A judge
Other (please specify):
Were you involved personally in this case? If so, are you: An adult member of the family
A child in the family
A legal representative of a member of the family
A local authority professional representative
A CAFCASS CYMRU practitioner
Other, or prefer not to say
If you were not involved, do you: Have a general interest in family proceedings
Wish to find out about a case you were not involved in
Other (please specify)
How did you find out that decisions can be read on this system (BAILII)? Was given information by party
Was given information by legal representative
Was told by court staff
Poster/leaflet seen in court
Press (newspaper, magazine, tv, radio)
Word of mouth
Other (please specify)
Was reading the decision helpful to you, and why (or why not)? For example, did it help you to understand why the court made its decision in that particular case?
Do you think that having access to this information has: Helped you to understand more about the role of the family court
Left you confused about the role of the family court
Left you wanting more information
Please explain in more detail:
Should anonymised decisions be published for other types of family proceedings? Yes
Why, and which decisions?
If you would be happy to be interviewed by a member of the Ministry of Justice team, please provide your email address. This will only be used for the purposes of contacting you about this project.

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